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Released in 2006, Roblox is one of the most popular computer games in the world. You start off the game with the traditional Roblox clothes and have no robux (Roblox currency). You can play thousands of other games designed by different users and even create your own.


In Roblox, players can use money to purchase clothes for their avatar. The Roblox currency used to be tickets and robox. Tickets were won every day by playing games or creating them. Robux had to be purchased by players using real money. After a while, Roblox launched a major update which got rid of tickets, so robux was the only currency in Roblox. David Baszucki, part of the Roblox staff, says in one of his Roblox posts, “We are removing tickets for a number of reasons. Although familiar to many of us, they are confusing to first-time users. We believe removing tickets will simplify our product in all areas, from the UI to the catalog to user-accounting.” What do you think? Should tickets have been left alone, or did Roblox do the right thing? Write your answer in the comments section of this post.



The top ten games in Roblox are:

  • Jailbreak
  • Murder Mystery
  • Phantom Forces
  • Rocitizens
  • Work at a Pizza Place
  • Apocalypse Rising
  • Zombie Rush
  • ROBLOX High School
  • Prison Life
  • Survival: Natural Disasters



ROBLOX Jailbreak



Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games ever, setting records and dominating all other games. Minecraft is a PC (personal computer) game, a mobile game and on X Box. Since this is the mobile section of, you will be hearing about Minecraft PE (Minecraft PE stands for Minecraft Pocked Edition, which means Minecraft for mobile devices such as phones, ipads, Samsung tablets and more).


Minecraft has two different modes. These modes are “survival mode” and “creative mode”. In survival mode, you spawn in a land inhabited by cows, chickens, pigs, wolves, ocelots, horses, donkeys and more. You spawn in the morning, giving you time to explore and craft items that you will later need for survival. But once the sun sets, and it gets dark, you are no longer alone with cows and pigs and chickens. Rotten zombies and skeletons appear out of the blue. Hairy spiders start chasing you and you need to find shelter.

When you first spawn in survival mode, you will find yourself in a strange land. Hopefully you are lucky and you spawn in a forest or some place with trees. If not, do not worry. Keep on looking and you are bound to find some trees. In Minecraft, wood is considered to be the most important material. This is why it is crucial that you find a good tree supply as soon as you spawn. Once you have done this, break the trees by tapping on the tree trunk and leaving your finger pressed until the trunk falls off. It will appear on the ground as a block of wood. Walk over to it and pick it up. It should appear in your inventory. Then, open your inventory and press the crafting icon to the left. Once it is open, you will see that you can craft wood planks. Craft them. Once this is done, craft a crafting table using four wood planks. (The type of wood does not matter for crafting a crafting table). Once you have crafted a crafting table, you will be able to craft more advanced items.


Next you have to find or make a shelter. For me, I am able to craft stone swords, sometimes iron, and build a nice home as soon as I spawn. Building a nice home requires a ton of building material and a nice location. (Building a home next to a water source  is always a good idea since you will later need that water for more advanced building and also fishing. A home should always have windows, a front door, many chests, a bed, a crafting table and a furnace. Furnaces are crafted using eight stone blocks in a crafting table. Furnaces are used to cook meat (dropped by most animals) and to make items such as windows. They are also a light source. A good home should also have an under-ground cave system. Caves are ideal places to mine ores, such as iron, gold, diamond, red stone, lapiz lazuli and emerald. A simple way to go mining is by building a hole in your home that leads strait down. Make sure you place ladders on the side of the hole so you can climb back up. TIP: Bring torches with you so you can see in the darkness of the cave. You should almost certainly end up falling into a cave at one point. TIP: Try not to bring anything too valuable with you, for you are very likely to be killed in the caves by evil monsters or burning hot lava. Once you have found a cave, you can go back up (supposing you placed ladders on the side of the hole) or explore a little bit. Once you return to your home, make sure to craft a trap door by using six wooden planks on a crafting table. Place the trap door at the top of the hole. This makes the hole look nicer and keeps you from falling in, or evil monsters from climbing up. TIP: If your cave is not deep down, make sure to place a bunch of torches in it to allow you to sleep without the message “You cannot sleep now, there are monsters nearby” popping up. (Monsters spawn in dark areas. EX: caves).


Once you have passed your first few nights, and you have a roof over your head and a good food supply, you should start exploring the land around you. Try to look out for villages. Villages are naturally spawned and are great for looting. Villagers are the inhabitants of villages. Different villagers have different jobs. Some are farmers, some are butchers, some are librarians and some are priests. You will normally see the farmers working in the fields and picking crops, while the librarians work in libraries and butchers in their shop. Villagers drop nothing when killed, but you can trade with them. Trading is an easy way to obtain objects such as emeralds that are EXTREMELY rare to find. Farmers will typically ask for wheat and will give you something, maybe an emerald, in return, while villagers such as librarians will ask for paper or books and will give you something n return (possibly an emerald).


If you are playing in an infinite word, exploring is key for getting items you may not be able to find in your spawn point (point in which your character spawns after death). When you leave home to go exploring, you must take with you these items: Weapon, preferably iron sword, armor, tons of food (try to bring food that’s common of your area), boat (use a boat to row through water masses. It really saves time!), a bed so you can sleep through the long and dangerous nights and most importantly, a compass so you can find your way back home. Here are some strange things I have found in my adventures:

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Watermelon Sun Flower (
On my way through a field, I stumbled across this strange watermelon with a sun flower growing on top. I did not break it because I had never seen anything quite like it before.
Forest Fire (
As I was wandering through the jungle, I saw flames rising in the distance. I neared these flames and came across a forest fire. It was spreading rapidly so I left the area to make sure I wouldn’t die. I expect this fire burned down the entire forest. Luckily, this fire was far from my shelter.
Jungle Temple (
In the same forest as the fire, I came across a rare jungle temple. Being my first time finding one, I was super excited to enter. Inside, I noticed some dart traps, so I entered with caution and disabled the traps. I grabbed my loot and decided to stay the night. I left in the morning with a bunch of rare items.
Zombie on a Pig (
While I was leaving the jungle temple, a rare zombie on a pig came up running to me. I was able to get this quick shot before it jumped on me. I was able to kill the zombie on a pig with my enchanted iron sword.



A simple game with complicated levels. Piano Tiles 2 is a fun and addicting game that has been popular for quite a while now. It was released on August 19th, 2015 and was a great hit. Although the game looks rather simple, the levels are not. You have to tap on the black keys as they move up to form a song. If you tap on the space outside of the black key, you have to restart the level. If you complete the level, you get points. The game starts off with a couple of basic songs that you have to play like Little Star or Jingle Bells, then it gets more complex. As you advance through the levels, you unlock new ones that are even more challenging than the previous levels. Piano Tiles also keeps on rolling in new updates, introducing new levels and features. Piano Tiles is a super fun and entertaining game with super hard challenges.

Nioey News:

Can you beat the world’s best Piano Tiles record of 18.000 tiles? Download the app and try it today!

Piano Tiles



Clash Royale is one of the most popular games in the world. It was released on January 4th, 2016 by Super Cell. The same company that created “Hay Day”, “Clash of Clans” (see above) and “Boom Beach”. Clash Royale is different than any Supercell game so far, but if you have played Clash of Clans (CoC), Boom Beach or Hay Day, the theme is relatively similar. When you commence the game, you choose your first few cards. Then, you go through a quick tutorial where you learn the game’s basics. Once you have passed the tutorial, the game officially begins.

Once you begin the game and pass the tutorial, you can start battling other players. You will start off in “Goblin Stadium”, fighting players in that stadium only. Winning a battle gives you trophies, and in time, trophies move you up to higher and more difficult arenas. Not only do you earn trophies after winning battles, but also money. You can use this money (gold coins) to upgrade your battle cards. Upgrading your cards makes them stronger and all in all better. Soon, you will find that you will have too many cards to keep in your deck, and you will have to put them in extras. You also have the option to make other battle decks (cards used in battle) simply swiping your finger through your current deck. The extra decks are empty and ready for use. This is a great way to save time instead of going one by one and seeing which card you don’t want to use any more.


Winning battles in Clash Royale require strategy. Simply placing random cards in the arena will result in you losing the battle and trophies. The more trophies you get, the more you have to try not to lose, because you want to get better, not worst.

Knights are a great common card. They are especially good for beginners. They are good back up when you are being mobbed, for they are not very expensive and slow the enemy down. However, sending out a knight to destroy a tower is a foolish move since knights have fairly weak attack damage, especially in lower levels. If you are a beginner and you want to do damage to a tower, sending out a giant is a good idea. But, before you send out a giant, make sure the coast is clear because as much damage as giants deal on buildings, they do nothing to enemy units except slow them down. So when sending out a giant, make sure he is guarded by ground units so that if enemies do attack, the giant’s bodyguards can fight back and defend the giant as much as possible. Princes are great cards. Many advanced players use them, and they are a beginner card. In fact, princes were considered to be too overpowered, so the company had to reduce some power on the card. But, even after having lost some power, they are very effective, especially towards towers. When the prince nears a tower, and no enemies are in front, the prince speeds up and strikes the tower with his lance. This does quite a bit of damage, and if no enemies kill the prince, it can manage to destroy a tower (if it was in full health when it charged in). Skeletons are weak on their own, and are killed easily just by the tower’s arrows, but when in great numbers, they can be a deadly trap for princes, knights, mini p.e.k.k.a.s. and other units. Spawning a skeleton army when a prince is approaching will kill the prince easily.


Every day, you get free chests, which pop up at the top of your screen. When you open these chests, you get minor things, like a small amount of gold and some common cards, but sometimes you can hit the jackpot with a rare card. Winning battles also gives you chests you can unlock after a certain period of time. Sometimes, you can unlock rare chests, such as giant chests, magical chests or even super magical chests! Normally, you will unlock silver or gold chests when you win battles. Every time you win a battle, the crowns you achieved are counted up until you achieve ten. Once you achieve ten, you can unlock a crown chest! Crown chests have decent cards and a good amount of money. They are definitely better than free chests or silver chests.



Super Cell’s Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of people playing a day. The game was released August 2nd, 2012, and gained popularity quickly. Clash of Clans requires tons of strategy, and it is very hard to beat the game. In fact, with all of the new updates rolling in, the game has no end… yet.

When you begin the game, you will need to go through a quick tutorial that shows you the basics of the game. One of the parts of the tutorial are to raid a simple goblin town (Note that the villages in the goblin map are not real players) using four level one (begging level for all items in Clash of Clans) wizards. (TIP: Use only two of the wizards to win the first battle. If you place them correctly, you will win the battle, and you will have two wizards left to store in your army camp for whenever you want to use them!)

Clash of Cans gets more challenging as you advance in the game, and upgrades take longer to finish as you improve. Major upgrades can take days, even weeks! (TIP: Try not to gem your upgrades or troops unless you really need to. You should save your gems for when you really need them.) Every time you upgrade your town hall, get more items to add into your village. Some items are things you already have, but you can also unlock new items. (EX: Upgrading your town hall from level ten to eleven gives you the ability to unlock eagle artillery for the first time.) (TIP: Before you upgrade your town hall, try no make sure everything is upgraded to its max for that town hall level. This tactic is known as “maxing out”, and it makes your village a lot more powerful. Make sure you “max out” your troops, spells and walls as well.)


Every village starts off with a damaged clan castle. Normally it is near a corner of your village, surrounded by vegetation. Once you have achieved 10,000 gold, you can spend it on repairing the clan castle. You simply tap the castle and hit repair where the “upgrade” button normally is. Once you have repaired the clan castle, you can search for clans. Clans are groups of players joined together into one team. A clan always consists of a leader (the person in charge) and normally one or more co-leaders. You can scroll through a list of clans until you find one that suits you, or you can create your own clan by tapping ‘create clan”. If you decide to create a clan, you become the official leader. A clan can hold up to 50 players.


Clan wars are clan vs. clan wars, where selected players on both clans battle the opposite clan. In order to win a clan war, one of the two clans must achieve the most victory stars. If both clans tie, then the clan with the overall most damage wins. Winning clan wars not only makes your clan look good, but unlocks clan perks, which are additions you can add on to your clan. If your clan wins the war, your clan castle will fill up with additional money that you can collect from the”treasury” section of your clan castle. (You can find the “treasury” section of your clan castle by simply pressing the clan castle. You will see the “treasury” button to the very right.) You can expand your “treasury” capacity by upgrading your town hall, or unlocking “clan perks.” In a clan war, the players who are participating in the war have a green shield by their name, and the players who are not participating have a red shield by their name.

When you begin a clan war, it might take a while to search for a clan. It can take a good twenty minutes sometimes, even longer. If you press the “return home” button while the game is searching for an opponent, it will continue to search and nothing will happen. This will also happen if you turn off your device, so don’t worry. When war is finally declared, your clan will have “preparation” day which lasts one day. In this time, your clan can make last minute upgrades and even build a war base, by pressing “lay out editor” to the right of your screen. By pressing “lay out editor”, you use all the buildings you have and lay out a new village. When you do this, your original village will save, unless you decide to delete that lay out and completely start from scratch. You can change back to your original village after the war had ended by going into “lay out editor” and pressing your original village. You can save your war base if you want so that you can use it again whenever you want.

This is all for Clash of Clans, hope it helped!



This single player game is fun, addicting and entertaining. In the game, the number one objective is to attract cats into your yard. Different cats are summoned by different objects. Once cats start appearing, you can photograph them and place the pictures in your “cat book”. This game is great for all ages, and never gets old. Neko Atsume is a check and go type of game. Every now and then, you can open the app see if you have any new felines. You might have to refill your cat’s food bowl if it is empty or on its way. Sometimes, a cat will walk into your screen and leave a memento. You can collect these mementos as you make progress throughout the game.

After you have saved up enough fish (the game’s currency), you can then purchase the yard extension, which will open up more space and will allow you to boost your feline attraction. After a cat leaves, it leaves a tip (small amount of money) for you to collect. You can find this money when you press the “Gifts Await” button at the bottom of your screen.

REMEBER: You need food or else no cats will appear. The nicer the food (ex: sashimi, canned tuna, etc…) the more luck you will have when attracting cats to your yard.

WARNING: Tubbs is known as the fattest cat in the game. He doesn’t come very often, but when he does, he will completely demolish a bowl of food in one gulp. After his meal, Tubbs lays down by the bowl and takes a nap. He disappears instantly when you refill the food bowl, or when he decides to get up and walk away.

POWER LEVEL: Every cat in Neko Atsume has a power level, with the exception of Pickles, who has 0 power level. When a cat with a lower power level is playing with a toy, a cat with a higher power level can “kick” the cat off the toy, and play with it. This means that cats with lower power levels are harder to find because they don’t last as long in your yard compared to cats with higher power levels. The highest power level in the game so far is 250. Only Billy the Kitten and Mr. Meowgi have this power level. The lowest power level is Pickles, who has no power level at all.

A feline-filled yard in Neko Atsume!


NAME:            TYPE:            POWER LEVEL:

Snowball – Solid white – 80

Smokey – Solid black – 140

Spots – Black & white – 75

Shadow – Solid grey – 50

Sunny – Turkish Calico – 120

Fred – Orange Tabby – 150

Pumpkin – Orange & White Tabby – 90

Callie – Calico – 50

Tabita – Calico Tabby – 40

Bandit – Tortoiseshell – 180

Gabriel – Tuxedo – 150

Marshmallow – Pointed – 170

Socks – Black w/white Mitts – 70

Lexy – Grey & white – 100

Bolt – Brown Tabby – 140

Breezy – Brown & White Tabby – 30

Misty – Mackerel Tabby – 160

Pickles – Gray & White Tabby – 0

Pepper – Black w/ odd eyes – 165

Patches – Orange Patches – 80

Gozer – Tortoiseshelly Tabby – 155

Cocoa – Brown Tuxedo – 45

Princess – Striped Torbie – 125

Ginger – Red w/White Mitts – 60

Peaches – Tan & Orange – 45 (Peaches is not considerd rare in Neko Atsume, but he is hard to get)

Spud – Red Tortoiseshelly – 80

Mack – White Mackerel – 130

Speckles – Black Patches – 40

Willie – Black Tabby – 75

Dottie – White Calico – 195

Spooky – Grey Tortoiseshelly – 35

Apricot – Tan & Orange Tabby – 10

Ganache – Chocolate – 90

Pasty – Pastel Calico – 45

Chip – Cap & Saddle – 60

Macchiato – Seal Lynx – 115

Melange – Blue Lynx – 15


Rare cats are harder to attract to your yard, and many times are only attracted by one object, such as Joe DiMeowgio, who will appear only if you purchase and place the “baseball” in your yard. These cats will typically leave a bigger tip when they leave.

Joe DiMeowgio – Baseball Jersey – 28

Señor Don Gato – Mustachioed – 30

Xerxes IX – Persian – 70

Chairman Meow – Camouflage – 111

Saint Purrtrick – Ethereal – 222

Ms. Fortune – Gold – 20

Bob the Cat – Adventurer – 40

Conductor Whiskers – Railway Uniform – 50

Tubbs – Fluffy – 130

Mr. Meowgi – Ronin – 250

Lady Meow Meow – American Shorthair – 100

Guy Furry –  Apron – 30

Kathmandu – Hunting Coat – 150

Ramsese the Great – Sphinx – 230

Sassy Fran – Waitress – 180

Billy the Kitten – Western Wear – 250

Frosty – Straw Coat – 5

Sapphire – Classic Siamese – 20

Jeeves – Neatly Parted – 210

Bengal Jack – Pirate – 66

Whiteshadow – Ninja Costume – 195



Happy wheels is rated 17 and up, but nobody really follows that rule at all. It is mainly rated this way due to the bloody content. Happy Wheels is known for being a very bloody game, and for that reason many people don’t like it, but as bloody as it may seem, Happy Wheels is pretty fun.


Business Guy – The starting character of the game. Rides a scooter and wears a suit and tie.

Irresponsible Dad – Rides around on a bike with a kid on the back seat.

Wheel Chair Guy – A grumpy old man who wishes to spend his last days in a deadly obstacle course.

Effective Shopper – Very big woman who rides on an electric scooter.

Moped Couple – A couple sharing a motor bike.

Pogo Stick Guy – Bounces through deadly obstacles on a pogo stick.

Happy Wheels is an extremely tricky game that requires a lot of tries and a lot of time to beat. Once you complete the set of levels for one character, (see list of characters above) move on to the next until you have completed each and every one of the levels. As you proceed through the levels, they become more complex and harder to beat.

Every obstacle in Happy Wheels is deadly, some more than others but all can kill you. Obstacles such as cross bows, harpoons or spikes are examples of the different obstacles in the game.


Being hit in the head kills you instantly. Watch your head at all times and careful with obstacles such as cross bows or harpoons, which many times hit the player’s head.

If you like Happy Wheels, but you aren’t a fan of the blood and gore, you can turn off the blood and gore in settings. Simply press the settings button, go to advanced settings at the bottom and press it. The option of turning off the blood and gore should be there. (This may not work if you have an older device)


Poor business guy being chopped up by spinning spikes.


In Happy Wheels, you have the option to make your own level. In the home screen of the game, an option should appear to the very bottom right that shows a pencil. Press this and it will take you to edit mode, where you can create your own level from scratch by using all of the in-game objects such as crossbows, harpoons, spikes, fans and more. Once you have completed editing your level, save it by pressing the menu button at the top left and then the save button. Once you have successfully saved your level, you can play it as much as you wish. You can also make new levels and keep on adding on. REMEMBER: You can choose which player you want to use when playing one of your levels.

Making a level from scratch on Happy Wheels.






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