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Neko Atsume is Not Dead – New 1.10.0 Update

After Neko Atsume didn’t update in a while, many players began believing that the game was dead. However, yesterday’s update changed that idea. Three new cats and a few new goodies were just introduced in yesterday’s update. After the new update, Neko Atsume released another very minor one today. This update simply patched up a few bugs that were caused by yesterday’s update. Hopefully, Neko Atsume continues to update the game and is more consistent with future updates. (Article written on Friday, July 21st, 2017)


ROBLOX Survivor is Pushed Down

Although it’s still a very popular game, Survivor is starting to drop in players. It was pretty obvious from the start that Survivor was going to drop its position. For now, the second most popular game on ROBLOX is Meep City. Survivor lasted very little time as the second most popular game. A reason the game is not doing too well could be a lack of updates. Will Survivor drop down even further? Will it stay in its current position? Will it rise a few ranks up? Wait for further news on or visit ROBLOX yourself to see what’s happening!


ROBLOX Jailbreak’s Update is Late This Weekend

The next update is planned to be released tomorrow (Monday, July 16th). This is the very last major Jailbreak update until the game leaves beta, which is planned to happen on Friday, August 11th, 2017. The upcoming update introduces apartments, which are to be used for parties. The updates following this one are simple balancing updates that are preparing the game for its official release. (Article written on Sunday, July 16th, 2017)


ROBLOX Jailbreak’s Big Competition  

After hiding in the depths of ROBLOX for a while, Survivor was updated and is now the second most popular game on ROBLOX. Jailbreak has held its position as most popular game on ROBLOX for a while now and has had a fairly easy competition since no game was able to get even close to as popular, but now it seems as though Survivor is getting up there in players. Let’s see how long Survivor can remain second place. (Article written on July 13th, 2017)

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Major Update! was just updated to give the site a better look. This major customization update is the biggest update done to the site yet! The update was released on July 11th, 2017. (Article written on July 11th, 2017)


Clash of Clans Update 9.105.9 is Released!

This major CoC update balances out some builder base village units and fixes some minor bugs. Not only this but now cannons, archer towers and inferno towers can be upgraded even further in the normal village! Going back to the builder base, you can now upgrade your builder hall to lever six, and everything in the builder base has a new upgrade! Night whitches and roaster defence were also just introduced to the builder base.


Clash of Clans Major Update!

After the long wait for the new 9.24.1 update, it has finally arrived! not only does this update make several display fixes and improvements, but it adds an entirely new village area to play with! Now you have two villages, your main one and this new one that you can only get to by riding the new boat. CoC players are loving the new update, and it is getting more people to play CoC. Download and play Clash of Clans today for free! To get to your new village, simply follow these easy steps:

Displaying IMG_2475.PNG
1.) Go to the broken boat that is floating in your shore and press it.
Displaying IMG_2476.PNG
2.) Press the “rebuild” button.
Displaying IMG_2478.PNG
3.) Now you have a boat ready to set sail!
Displaying IMG_2484.PNG
The new village in Clash of Clans.


Pixle Gun 3D’s Major Comeback

Pixle Gun 3D dissapointed many players worldwide with the new tickets and balancing update. Realizing the severe mistake, Pixle Gun launched a major update in May 2017 that got rid of the unsuccesful tickets and map changes made in the previous update. Pixle Gun is currently in verssion 12.1.1.


CoC Releases the Broken Boat!

Clash of Clans was recently updated, and this new update introduced to the CoC community for the first time ever the “broken boat”. For now, the boat just floats in the bay outside of your village, but it is predicted that soon in an upcoming CoC update, the broken boat will serve a purpose.


New Jailbreak ROBLOX Game Breaks Records!

On January 9th, 2017, Badimo released another great ROBLOX game called Jailbreak. The game became an immediate hit, breaking tons of records, one being most popular computer game on ROBLOX ever. The game is still in beta mode, and receives a major update every week! Jailbreak has been the most popular game on ROBLOX ever since it’s release, and it will probably remain that way for a while. Check out Jailbreak today in ROBLOX!


New Board Game Coming Soon!

Nioey is releasing its first board game ever in about a year. The game is called “Mission on Five”, and is an action/fantasy game. A “Mission on Five” trailer will be released soon, so stay posted!

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