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Instead of stars, points or tomatoes, has it’s own method of rating. Here in, we use trophies and awards to rate video games. The best games win the most important trophies. The best trophie is the Best Game of the Year Trophie. Every June 21st, a game is awarded this trophie. Some games will win more than one Game of the Year trophie. Second Game of the Year, Third Game of the Year and Fourth game of the Year are also possible trophies that games can win. Some other trophies are Best Graphics Game of the Year, Cutest Game of the Year and Most Challenging Game of the Year. REMEMBER: Some games may not win any trophies at all. Keep an eye out for these trophies since they are a good way to see how good a game is, or if it’s something that you would like to play.

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